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Couples falling into debt as a result of diva behaviour

by News Team on May 22nd, 2013

More than a third of couples in the UK are falling into debt as a result of indulging in their partner's diva demands, according to new research from Quidco.

Boyfriends are entertaining the demands of their girlfriends, which include luxury holidays, fine dining and top high street brands and designer labels.

On average, this expenditure is setting them back £1,632.

However, it's not just men who are overspending in order to meet their partner's high expectations as women are also spending money on luxuries for their high maintenance boyfriends.

Women in the UK are shelling out an average of £84 each month in order to meet their partner's demands.

Though they probably would not admit it to their significant other, this is becoming a constant concern for couples across the UK. Seven out of ten adults questioned in the survey said they worry about the costs of keeping up with the wants and needs of their other half.

This diva behaviour of men and women in the UK is causing many to fall into credit card debt in an attempt to keep up, with the average bill reaching £1,426. 

Some 32 per cent of women surveyed have found themselves in debt by entertaining high maintenance partners, with almost 40 per cent of men in the red.

Andy Oldham, managing director at Quidco, said: "All couples like to spoil each other and make one another happy, but splashing out on expensive treats in a continually challenging financial climate can be dangerous for cash-strapped Casanovas."

Maintaining relationships is important but partners should try to budget their spending and put money aside for gifts for their partners.

An increasing number of people are falling into debt in order to keep their boyfriend or girlfriend happy with many turning to plastic to foot the bill. This debt can easily spiral out of control, especially when credit card interest rates are high.

People using credit cards should have a financial plan in mind in order to pay off the bill as quickly as possible.

By Amy White

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